Samantha Lockwood is a multi-talented artist.

Many people around the world are fans of her acting work (http://samanthalockwood.com), Fine Art, and jewelry line Fleurings (http://fleurings.com), which hold water and living flowers. Some collectors of Samantha’s paintings include famed yoga teacher Bikram Choudhury and legendary actress Gena Rowlands.

Samantha has been exhibited in the US and her collectors are found worldwide. She paints from her home studio in Los Angeles, or where ever she might be in the world.

Samantha grew up in Los Angeles and La Quinta, CA. In her youth she began absorbing a love of the arts from her parents – her father is the veteran actor sci-fi icon Gary Lockwood of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and her mother is successful actress and entrepreneur Denise DuBarry.

At age 16, Samantha began her acting study fundamentals at the Aaron Speiser Acting Studio and simultaneously she was working through her 2 year AP Advanced Placement Art Program during her High School years. She also attended UC Santa Cruz where she enjoyed studying Fine Art, Buddhist Art History, Theater Acting and Marine Biology. Her love of Buddhist Art, the Ocean, water, and nature influence her work.

Samantha has created as signature technique for creating the background of her paintings. She uses several layers of thin paint, a spray bottle, brushes and the rest is her vision.